Analytical Marketing for E-Commerce

Predict. Personalize. Profit.

Get up to 50% higher conversion rate with better targeting

Profile customers intelligently and interactively

KnolSeed provides advanced segment filters like "High spending customers in Category X" and "Customers likely to attrite". Use these in combination with customer attributes, product/brand affinity etc to target the right customers with the right messages. Learn More...

Refine campaigns based on past campaign metrics

Compare responses to offers within a campaign or templates across campaigns. Use filters such as "Responded to Campaign X" while creating your customer list in future. Learn More...


Easy Integration

Integrating with KnolSeed is as simple as installing our plugin, if you are using Magento. If you are not, please get in touch with us and we promise to integrate with you in 2 weeks or less!


What our customers are saying

We saw the impact on repeat orders and retention rate within days
ECommerce Manager
An IR1000 website
We create profiles and deploy campaigns directly from the charts. The profiles are useful for understanding customers at a category level
Category manager
A large online store
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