Win with every Email Campaign

Better targeting. Easy execution. Effective measurement.

Get deeper insights about your customer behavior with pre-built segments

Visualize customer segment performance based on category-level RFM metrics on a heatmap. Click on any segment that looks interesting and build a campaign list.

Use KnolSeed's Click-N-Deploy Smart Segments such as "High value customers in Category X" and "Customers at risk of attriting" to instantly deploy campaigns.


Interactively create profiles for targeting with KnolSeed VisualProfiler™

Create powerful filters by combining customer attributes, pre-built segments and browsing/buying behavior across different timeframes.

Add filters such as “Limit to customers who have bought/not-bought item X” or “Limit to customers who have bought/not-bought in Category X” to fine-tune the campaign list.

Power your campaign with our FREE bundled library of visually appealing and responsive email templates

KnolSeed comes bundled with a range of crisp, responsive and ready-to-use email templates. Choose the most effective template for each type of campaign.

Customize any template to suit your brand, sensibilities and message tone. Or create a fresh template with the WYSIWYG editor.


You can only improve what you can measure

Sending a campaign is only the beginning. Understand campaign effectiveness with the Campaign Funnel Charts. Deep-dive into campaign performance and measure conversion rates by Email Template and Offer.

Compare multiple campaigns to measure relative performance. Understand where your customers are disengaging and fix it.

Keep improving campaign effectiveness. Use look-back filters like "Responded to Campaign X" to fine-tune future campaigns.