A/B Testing

With A/B Testing, you will be able to test different variations of an email template or subject line on a small percentage of your target list. You can then automatically send out the winner to the rest of the list.

Test vs Control Measurement

It is easy to achieve “lift” but hard to maximize, or even measure “effectiveness” of a campaign. Using Test vs Control, you will be able to measure Campaign effectiveness scientifically.

Dynamic Content

Specificy a set of business rules to allow targeting customers belonging to different profiles with different messages.

Web Content

Embed a HTML snippet in your web page to show personalized offers to customers. Use this in combination with Dynamic Content to target customers based on business rules.

Personalized Emails

Use KnolSeed's advanced Recommendation engine to personalize Emails to customers, based on their past purchases and recent browsing patterns.

Predictive Analytics

We're building campaign response models that continuously train on past campaign data and score the customer base on 'likelihood to respond' and 'likelihood to unsubscribe'. The scores are updated on a daily basis, and will be available at the time of campaign list creation. You can simply select the top deciles of the customer base based on 'likelihood to respond' score for targeting. You can additionally choose to exclude customers with high 'likelihood to unsubscribe' score.